All photos we use in our galleries are credited to the photographer unless they come from our own files. Some people send us a lot more photos than others and we thought you might like to know a little about some of our more regular contributors of the pictures you all enjoy.


Robbie is the most frequent contributor of videos and photographs to our galleries. He works with Dublin Port Company in Marine Operations and spends a lot of his time on Dublin Port Pilot Boat Camac guiding visiting vessels into and out of Dublin Port. Robbie was born and bred in Ringsend and has been working at Dublin Port for many years. As well as have a keen interest in photography and film Robbie makes model ships and many of his creations grace the lobby of the Port Centre Building. While we share a lot of Robbies photos and videos, they are only the tip of the iceberg! If you like what you see why not check out his website or his youtube channel RobertCox@Youtube.


Ed is from Ringsend and lived there till he got married and moved to County Wicklow. He rowed with the Stella Maris Rowing Club from the age of 13 until he left Ringsend and now, much to the consternation of the Stella he rows for Wicklow! He drives a mobile crane and works at Dublin Port sometimes. He’s still no stranger to Ringsend as  all his family are still living there. Ed took photography up as a hobby after learning about photography and cameras from friends at Living Picture Studios.


It’s no wonder Karl Ronan ended up work at Dublin Port as both his grandfather and great grandfather were deep sea dockers. Karl is from East Walll Road and works for Chains Limited at the port. He works as a rigger on cranes, lifting gear and tugs. He has a keen interest in photography and finds his surroundings at Dublin Port and excellent source of inspiration.


Gav has been taking photos at Dublin Port since the first day he started working at Burke Shipping almost 9 years ago. He is from Santry and loves working at Dublin Port where he works as an RTG crane driver! He has sent us some truly spectacular shots, we’re sure you’ll agree.


Kevin has been submitting photos since Dublin Port Company first dipped it’s toes in the social media ocean! Kevin lives in Crumlin and does not work at Dublin Port but since he bought his camera 3 years ago he has found the area around the port an ideal place to practice his photography techniques. One of his favourite places at Dublin Port is The South Wall where he can often be seen at sun rise if he can drag himself out of bed early enough!

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