News / 20 April 2017


A sizeable population of Black Guillemots nests in the quay walls around Dublin Port using old drainage pipes and other structures as a [...] (more)

News / 10 April 2017

Study: Lamprey in The Liffey Channel

Dublin Port Company are undertaking a programme to monitor the movement of river lamprey in the Liffey Channel as part of the Alexandra Basin [...] (more)

News / 3 March 2017

Long-distance Tern Travellers

BirdWatch Ireland has been keeping a close eye on the terns that nest each summer in Dublin Port. These small migratory seabirds only spend a few [...] (more)

News / 28 February 2017

All In A Row Charity Fundraiser

Dublin Port wish to congratulate local rowing groups for their incredible fundraising efforts last November, raising an incredible €34,350 for [...] (more)

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