Dublin Port Company launched two new tug boats that are part of an overall €16m investment to upgrade their fleet of river plant at Ireland’s largest port. The two new tugs, ‘Shackleton’ and ‘Beaufort’,  are named after two remarkable patrons of exploration. Ernest Shackleton, born in Athy Co. Kildare, was a fearless explorer whose legacy as the world’s greatest exploration leader will live on as an inspiration to pioneers fro centuries to come. Sir Francis Beaufort, who hailed from Navan, was a tireless innovator who created the scale of measurement for wind force which is now world-renowned, and is used by the 15,000  vessel arrival and departures in Dublin Port every year.

As Dublin Port continues to handle larger vessels with deeper drafts, this investment will ensure it can continue to service the needs of its customers. The two new tugs were built over the last two years at the Astilleros Zamakona shipyard in Bilboa, Spain. The two vessels are 24 metres long and while shorter than the previous tugs are 50% more powerful.


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